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Animal Print: Is the Trend Really Aiming For World Domination?

Unapologetically bringing out those wild stories, Animal Print has made a comeback and how! Being frequent on our Instagram feeds, animal print is all set to take the world of fashion by storm. Be it some ‘Street Cred’ or ‘Haute Couture’ from the runways, this baby is the face of it all!

Wondering how you could style with a little bit of the ferociousness


Leopard Print Accessories


Keeping it casual with just some adorable accessories and accents, Leopard Print is certainly the safest and easiest Animal print to style. When balanced with white, it adds an instant Spring/Summer pop to your look and trust us, that headband is oh-so-cute!

Sassy In Snake Prints


You might think that Snake Print dresses will make you look too much but if done the right way, this can be the classiest option to don. With its natural colour and texture, the snake print is a staggering way to rev up your look. If You don’t believe us then see it for yourself! Always make sure that you add a solid hue to it - be it a belt, some shoes or a nice tote and voila, you’re all set to break the internet!

Roar in Cheetah Print

Look like a total snack with some help from the big cats! If Cheetah print isn't your usual go-to but you still like to experiment, a pair of cheetah print shoes are your saving grace. These are playful and fun and an animal print footwear instantly adds another dimension to the solid fashion vocabulary you’re flaunting.



Colour Me Up!


Taking the slick factor up a few notches, animal print outside their colour territory is a total love affair! Splashes of amazing colours in rich silhouettes will make you look like you stepped out straight from the runway. Don’t be afraid to try new things because animal print fashion is all about taking that fierce plunge.

Shimmering Zebra Print

If real powers actually exist, it rests with shimmer and glitter because these babies can make anything look pretty! Prep yourself for a night out with some gleaming charms of the Snake print and be smitten always.

Animal Print is really creating a buzz and we're sure you want to catch every piece of it! Go on, we're looking out for you.