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5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories of 2019

We have seen the years go around us and each year brings with it some new and some recycled fashion trends that we can’t stop raving about. Fashion accessories, be it jewellery, handbags, footwear or little knick-knacks here and there, are such an important part of fashion and girl, you can’t do without one at all! This year witnessed some of the greatest trends in fashion accessories and we cannot stop ourselves from spilling some tea. Hope you prepared for what we have in store for you!

Honey, I shrunk The Bags

While you might be worried about how much space you can squeeze in your closets, you won’t have to worry about this one. Petite and super sleek, tiny bags are all the rage. Be it a cross-over shoulder bag or a cute little bag belt, small bags are totally killing it out there!



 Snakeskin Shoes 

Seems like we can’t get the jungle out of us and even the jungle chooses to reside on the high fashion streets! Acing the animal print, snakeskin footwear trend is really high on drama and sass.    Try thigh-high boots or snakeskin flat shoes and watch your look get transformed in a jiffy. Wondering where to find some wild pieces? Try it here


Edgy Sunglasses

Well, hello there, Sunshine! Futuristic and uber chic, angular glasses have made a comeback and how! These babies are a super cool and look highly fascinating when styles the right way. Spotted on many bloggers during the fashion week, angular glasses in funky colours are a vision.


Basket Bag Galore 

Talk of personal favourites and we can proudly say that this is it! Marching in the front row of the fashion parade, basket straw bags are such a classy and stylish option to don during the Spring and Summer season, making it a handy fashion accessory of the year. Coming in many shapes and sizes, this is undoubtedly the best it could ever get!



Coining A Statement

We’re sure you’re seeing a lot of the coin jewellery around you and, by now, would’ve figured the wave it’s creating on the runways and the streets. Coin jewellery is delicate and ultra feminine and you ought to have at least 10 such pieces in all its variants! 


With such an array of products and trends to own, this season has seen a fresh and pleasant set of fashion statements to make! Impeccable variety and tasteful options make these fashion trends a staple in every wardrobe!